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Our Mission Statement

To help home sellers confidently navigate the sale of their home in a manner that best suits their personal needs and goals.

About Us

Our names are Brad and Amber Phillips, owners of Summit Property Solutions and long time real estate professionals. We have been buying, selling, renting, flipping and leasing real estate for 20+ years. For this reason we get a lot of calls asking for advice. When selling a home, every situation can be very different. There is no one size fits all solution. 

Summit Property Solutions brings together a team of people that can answer your questions and offer
advice without the underlying intent of gaining your business. We believe, if our
product is sound advice centered around helping you meet your goals, then our
business will ultimately benefit too. But, at the end of the day we can’t have a
successful business without putting the clients needs before our own….and our
clients need good/honest advice. Therefore, advice is our primary service…any
business we receive down the road is secondary to that.

How did Summit Property Solutions come to be?

We got a call from an elderly woman awhile back that was selling her home. However, the home needed a lot of work in order to sell for market price. She didn’t have the money to repair the issues but really wanted to sell. The homeowner called a local realtor that came out and said the house would not qualify for a conventional loan. The realtor then recommended the roof be fixed before moving forward.


The owner called a roofer and was quoted $8,000 in repairs. Since that was too much, she called on one of those, “we buy houses” signs you see on the street. These people offered her a very low price and assured her it was the best she could get. It was at this point that she got our information.


The woman told me the story and we quickly said, "do not sign ANYTHING…you can get better". Instead of telling her what to do, we sat down with the woman and asked, “What exactly do you want to do with the house?” From there, we gave her all of her options. 

In the end, we bought her house for $35,000 more than she was offered before. Along with that, we gave her flexibility and time to move out at her leisure with all the funds in her hands. After she moved, we remodeled the home and did a lease-to-own for a young couple who otherwise would not have qualified to buy with their current credit.


We helped 2 families and realized our community could benefit from the relationships we have built over the years.

Get in Touch

North AL and beyond

Summit Properties: 503-504-6557

The Grisham Group: 971-219-6280

M&J Remodeling: 256-466-8276

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